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Professional Residential Design & Drafting services in the Sylvania

You may be looking to have a new home designed, an extension or renovation on your house, a granny flat for investment, a duplex or deck, carport, or garage addition. Either way you will need the necessary approvals whether it be a Development Application with Sutherland Council or a Complying Development with a private certifier. Surf Drafting takes all the stress out of your next project, from designing and drafting fully compliant plans and documentation to lodging all of the approvals with the the relevant authorities.

Why Use Our Services?

In addition to our 20 plus years in the industry, here is why we believe Surf Drafting will be of value to you.

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As a growing practice in 3 locations on the South Coast, we offer an affordable, cost effective and efficient service.

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With many years of design and drafting knowledge, we also have a great deal of experience with the Sutherland Council LEP and DCP knowledge.
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Quality Drafting Services

Quality house plans and documentation that will not only satisfy your design brief but also meet all council and certifier regulations.

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Unbeatable Client Support

Our Surf Drafting team is available and on hand to provide stress free assistance at every step of the way, we are focused on making sure that you are satisfied with the delivery of your project.

Your First Choice Drafting Partner

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced and affordable drafting team in Sutherland Council Area, our team at Surf Drafting are the ideal professionals to work with. Call us at our phone number 02 4209 3005 today or send us an email at to get the ball rolling.

Our Services

We take care of all your residential design and drafting needs in the Sylvania. Our services include;
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New Homes

Quality new home house plans and documentation. We have a great team of qualified building designers who specialize in custom home design.

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Extensions and Additions

We design plans for renovations, ground floor extensions, first floor additions, carports, garages and new decks.

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Duplex & Townhouse Design

We are experienced when it comes to duplex (dual occupancy) and all multi residential developments such as townhouses, units or villas. We work with a large number of investors, developers and builders understanding all of the requirements for approval in the Sutherland Council Area.

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Council DA/CC & CDC Approvals

Development Application, Construction Certificate or Complying Development preparation and submission to Council and/or Private Certifier taking all the stress away from you.

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Granny Flat Design

We can custom design granny flats to suit all blocks in NSW, as long as your block is 450m2 we can design a granny flat, we look after the DA or CDC approval ensuring a stress free process.

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Drafting for Builders

Due to our growing business and operating offices across 3 locations on the South Coast we work with residential builders across the South Coast, Illawarra and Western Sydney. We look after all of your contract drafting at a special builders discounted rate.

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Compliance with Building Codes

Compliance with Building Codes of Australia (BCA) and all Australian Standards.

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3D CAD Plans

We used the latest version of Autodesk Revit design software, allowing us to draw all of the plans in 3D so you can visualize the project before its completed.

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Local Council & Housing Code Compliance

Local application preparation and submission to Local Council / Private Certifier taking all of the stress away from our clients.


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Get your FREE Checklist and 3 Part Video on "How To Prepare the Perfect Design Brief in less than 30 minutes"

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