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Find Superior Building Design and Drafting Services at Surf Drafting

When thinking about the functionality and design of your home, duplex, townhouse, granny flat, or other new construction, building design and drafting are one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. You or the residents of your new property will spend a significant amount of time within its walls, so the space must reflect the lifestyle, growth, and needs you have in mind. Building is a big step, and one that can feel overwhelming, but Surf Drafting can help. Read more!

Create Inspiring New Homes with Our Experienced Duplex Home Designers

Residential developers and investors are always looking for an efficient way to generate more value from their properties, and the duplex home design is ideal for that purpose. As a building, it’s already subdivided into separate units that maximise flexibility for your clients. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you with creative and cost-effective duplex floor plans, continue reading below. Read more!

Surf Drafting Provides Townhouse Designs And Floor Plans

Soaring property prices and high cost of land in some areas have obliged many new developers and homeowners to consider townhouse designs and floor plans that can accommodate terraced houses, separated from one another by a shared wall. This option allows the homeowner, for instance, to house elderly parents alongside them. Alternatively, owners may decide to rent out the second home for extra income. Read more!

Turn to Surf Drafting for Dual-Living Home Designs 

Are you looking for an experienced company that created different dual-living home designs? Look to the trusted professionals at Surf Drafting. With nearly 10 years’ experience in the industry, our team possess the training and the skills to create a beautiful and comfortable dual home. Read more!

Let Us Help With Your Granny Flat Design

A granny flat can be a garage conversion or a separate, compact living space attached to the main house. This flat is also a space not just for granny. A granny flat can offer many advantages, from an extra income source, or as a space for working from home. Avoiding mistakes when planning your granny flat design can save you time and money. Read more!

Upgrade Your Property with House Extensions and Designs

As time passes, the number of people living in a house naturally increases, which is where house extensions and designs become a necessity. People have more children who then get older and require more space for themselves. Read more! 

Invest in Property with Residential Building Design

Residential building design is required when a homeowner decides to extend their current property or if a new investor is developing new properties. Either way, it requires an initial investment which will return at some point down the road. Read more!



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Get your FREE Checklist and 3 Part Video on "How To Prepare the Perfect Design Brief in less than 30 minutes"

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